Wine and bagels-who would have thought?

We’ve chatted about how bagels pair with different spreads, and how spreads pair with different foods. But how about how bagels pair with wine?

While it may not be your first thought, in today’s world of bottomless brunch and appetizer bagel creations, knowing what wine pairs best with your bagel is always a good move. Here are the top three pairings that we have seen made-spread included.

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Champagne: Poppyseed bagel with lox and cream cheese

Champagne is a classic brunch beverage, often used as the base for mimosas and bellinis. On its own, however, the bubbly beverage pairs excellently with poppyseed bagels with a lox and cream cheese spread. The fizz of this drink mix well with the salt and fattiness of the fish, cutting the flavors and complimenting them just the right way.

Riesling: Everything bagel with scallion cream cheese

If you are more into the white wine variety, we have a pairing for you. Pour yourself a glass of Riesling and make a toast with your everything bagel topped with scallion cream cheese. The sweetness of the grape used to make Riesling mixes well with the heavier onion flavors of this bagel combination.

Zinfandel: Pumpernickel bagel with vegetable cream cheese

For those of us who are red wine drinkers, this classic combination of pumpernickel and vegetable cream cheese is for you. There are a few different flavors coming into play: the savoriness of vegetable cream cheese, the hearty rye of the pumpernickel, and the deep fruitiness of the wine. All three blend together to accent the best parts of this trio.

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When it comes to wine, spreads, and bagels, there is a little something for everyone. Adding another way to enjoy the classic breakfast food allows you to enjoy bagels even more. So toast your meal, our a glass, and enjoy.