It's more than just a spread.

Who knew cream cheese was so decadent and versatile?

We did. That's one of the many reasons we give you multiple options to pair with your bagel. Much like wine, the right cream cheese pairing can make or break your morning. But that is something of preference-whether you want plain or vegetable with your poppy seed bagel is up to you. We're here to tell you about the other awesome things you can do with cream cheese.

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Not with your bagel, but with other foods! Here are some things that you may not have realized go excellent with cream cheese:

1) Kimchi and Crackers

2) Popcorn

3) Avocado (of course, California!)

4) Chocoalte

5) Apricot

6) Berries

7) Strawberries

8) Arugula 

9) Tomato

10) Peanut Butter

Spread it on your bagel, spread it on a cracker, just mix two things with a spoon-your options are endless!

Add Ins:

1) Soup

2) Mac and cheese

3) Crepe filling

4) Pasta sauce

5) Pastry and dessert fillings

While these add ins must be a little more calculated and require more precise recipes, these are all things we bet many of us never thought of using or spreadable friend for before. 

Whether you decide to try something new, or stick to the classics, cream cheese has become that much better now that we have so many more options to use it for. The all day breakfast goals just became that much easier.

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