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Owner and Bird

Shown here is Doralee, the owner of Jack's Bistro and Bagels, at the Carpinteria location's patio with a guest and his pet Macaw.  Macaws are the biggest of the pet birds and are very intelligent, able to to talk and learn tricks very easily.

Cafe Restaurant Carpinteria

Pet Friendly Restaurants: Bone Appétit

Pet Friendly Restaurants: Bone Appétit

They’re always accommodating for him, and we come here because they have great food,” his owner, Katherine Less, told the News-Press on a recent morning.  She and her husband, Jason Less, were about to have one of their favorite breakfasts- the Blackstone Benedict.  It’s a poached off on a bagel with avocado, tomato and, instead of ham, bacon.  “They have a nice Hollandaise sauce here,”  Mr. Lesh, who operates a nearby organic produce stand with his wife, said just before the food arrived.