Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world. Actually, coffee is more than a simple beverage. Of course, the main benefit is to energize us in the morning, but we cannot deny the delicious and unique taste that makes coffee such an enjoyable drink.

Coffee is the energizer in the morning, the delicious break at lunch and the drink we share with friends. Because we like coffee so much, we are always looking for new experiences, new blends, and coffee is not disappointing. If you want to make your coffee experience more exciting, try out new tastes. There are over thirty types of coffee, each with unique taste and we will share them with you. Next time you order coffee, you might want to try something different.

Infographic, various ways coffee and espresso can be served.

Let’s explore the vast world of coffee.


Espresso is one of the most popular types of coffee and preparing it is not that simple. There’s an art to making the perfect espresso: hot water passing through 18 grams of coffee in 25-30 seconds. Anything more or less can ruin the perfect taste. It all starts with espresso.


If you never heard about doppio, well, that’s a double espresso. Doppio is plain and simple, and tasty. It is recommended when you need a strong energizer and a rich flavor.


If you want a strong taste, stronger than espresso, a ristretto is a perfect choice. It is a concentrated shot of espresso because it is prepared with half the water in a normal espresso, but the same amount of coffee. 


A lungo is not long black or americano, it is espresso but with more water and that gives it a bitter taste while keeping it less strong than normal espresso.

Cafe Crema

This is how they called espresso in the ‘50s as the drink would come out creamy under the pressure of hot water. In Germany, this is the regular black coffee and they call it Kaffee.


Espressino is more like a desert-coffee, it is very delicious and here’s why: it consists of two parts espresso, milk, cocoa powder sprinkled on top and the most important, Nutella all over the walls of the cup.


Another desert coffee is affogato: take a scoop of vanilla ice cream and add it over one or two shots of espresso.

Cafe con Hielo

If you want a cold caffeinated drink, order cafe con hielo. You will enjoy a delicious “espresso with ice”, which is the English translation for “cafe con hielo”.

Black Coffee Espresso.jpg

Cafe Cubano

If you want to explore coffee at a cultural level, there are types of coffee originating in different parts of the world. Cafe Cubano is espresso originated in Cuba and it is sweetened with demerara sugar while being brewed.


Cafe bombon is prepared with sweetened condensed milk and espresso. It is served in a glass and the condensed milk sinks at the bottom creating a “special visual effect,” a two-colored drink.

Espresso Romano

Get a taste of Italy while drinking an espresso romano. The special ingredient in this type of coffee is a slice of lemon added to enhance the flavors.


Macchiato is a good idea if you don’t want too much caffeine and you want something sweet. It is a combination of latte with added chocolate or syrup.

Cafe con Leche

Coffee with milk or cafe con leche is different from a latte. It is one shot of espresso sided with frothed milk.


Cortado coffee originates in Spain and consists of a shot of espresso plus a small amount of milk to reduce acidity. The milk is poured into the cup after the shot of espresso.


Cortadito is known for its special taste. Cortadito was born when the first coffee machines were brought in Cuba from Italy. If you want something special and Cuban, go for a cup of cortadito.

Picollo Latte

As the name suggests, a picollo latte is served in a small glass (100 ml) and it consists of a shot of ristretto topped with silky, warm milk.

Cafe del Tiempo

In English, Cafe del Tiempo translates to “weather-coffee” because it is served during hot days with a glass of ice and lemon. So, you get your cup of espresso, a glass of ice and a slice of lemon and when you want to serve it, you simply pour the coffee over the ice.


Cappuccino is one of the most popular coffees in the world. While latte coffee has a bit more milk, cappuccino contains espresso, steamed milk, and frothed milk, all in equal parts.

Flat White

Flat white is served in a small ceramic cup and it is made of two shots of espresso and micro-foamed milk. Flat White is very popular in Australia.

Dirty chai latte

Dirty chai latte is a combination of a shot of espresso and chai latte. If you like this type of coffee you can explore even more tastes by ordering almond/soy chai latte to the combination.

coffee iced milk espresso.jpg


Breve is the stronger version of latte because it combines espresso with half steamed milk and half frothed milk.

Red Eye

Red Eye is a combination of espresso and drip coffee. If you never had a fancy coffee, try Red Eye.

Black Eye

Black Eye is part of the series of “espresso and drip coffee” combinations. If you want more of the espresso taste but a little drip coffee too, the black eye has it: two shots of espresso and a shot of drip coffee.

Lazy Eye

Lazy eye is based on decaf espresso and decaf drip coffee for those days when you want to ingest less caffeine.

Turkish Coffee

Coffee has this amazing quality: gives you the taste of different parts of the world in one cup. Turkish coffee originates in Turkey, of course. The way Turkish people brew coffee is different from most methods. To make this kind of coffee you need a small pot, fine grounded coffee and a tea-spoon of sugar (optional). Add water for one cup and put it on the stove. Then add one tablespoon of coffee. Let it float until the water becomes warm then you can stir. Stir until the coffee becomes creamy, then you can move away the pot. They never add milk to it, and it is served in small cups.  You can try it at home or at the restaurant.


This is a very simple coffee: add warm water to a shot of espresso. This recipe has its roots in WWII when American soldiers were adding water to their espresso to last longer.

Long Black

Long black is similar to Americano just that you add the warm water first, and then two shots of espresso. It is stronger and creamier than Americano coffee.


If you take two shots of strong espresso and add whipped cream, you will have a Vienna coffee. The combination of tastes, strong espresso and smooth sugary cream, is special.


Borgia coffee is made of espresso, hot chocolate, whipped cream, and grated orange peel. It is a very interesting Italian combination.

Cha fe sua da

This time, coffee takes us to Vietnam. Cha fe sua da originates in Vietnam and it is translated “iced milk coffee.” You should definitely try it out!


Mazagran is special among coffees because it is little known and originates in Algeria. The Portuguese version of the recipe is pretty interesting: espresso, lemon, mint and rum. The initial recipe consists of hot coffee poured on ice cubes inside a tall glass. 

Irish Coffee

Irish coffee is more of a cocktail combining Irish whiskey, sugar and hot coffee. It is topped with thick cream and served in a glass.

Coffee is the most loved beverage in the world. No wonder, as it tastes so good and it is always the perfect drink when you want to relax. We strongly recommend you try the variations of coffees we shared with you.

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