10 facts about the classic breakfast food

The oldest question in the book is simple, well-known, and has never been agreed or really answered: what came first-the chicken or the egg?

While we can’t answer that question for you here at Jack’s Bistro (although we have a few thoughts about it ourselves), we can tell you a bunch of facts that you probably did not know about our favorite breakfast food: eggs.

Eggs are our versatile breakfast friend that can be fried, boiled, and scrambled. It can be served on toast, a burger, with some home fries, or maybe just a little salt and pepper. It’s a healthy choice for anytime of the day for that well-balanced diet. While eggs are something you may have known most of your life, here are 10 facts we bet you didn’t know!

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1.       Eggs are filled with protein. So much so that they contain the highest quality protein you can buy.

2.       Speaking of protein, cooking the egg lets you absorb all of it, while eating it raw only gives you half.

3.       If you spin an egg, you can tell if it is raw or cooked. How? Simple: if it wobbles on the spin, it is raw.

4.       You can peel a hard-boiled egg by blowing the egg out of the shell. Don’t believe us? Try it!

5.       Hens turn their eggs nearly 50 times each day to keep the yolk from sticking to the side.

6.       The word “yolk” comes for the Old English days. It means “yellow.”

7.       The thickness of an egg shell is dependent on how old the hen is laying it. The younger the hen, the thicker the shell.

8.       The color of the yolk is dependent on the hen’s diet!

9.       Another point for eggs-they not only give you lots of protein, but also contain vitamin D.

10.   The average hen lays 300-325 eggs a year. That’s a lot of eggs!

Next time you reach into your fridge, you can appreciate the breakfast food more. And if you don’t feel like whipping up a breakfast meal, Jack’s bistro has plenty of egg options as well. Whether you’re building your own omelet, having the huevos rancheros specialty breakfast, or having eggs any with home fries and toast, the world is your egg white and yolk oyster when you head over to Jack’s. The best part? Breakfast is available all day, so time is merely a suggestion when it comes to how you fill your stomach.

eggs, egg sandwich, breakfast, protein