Take the Bagel Personality Test

Here at Jack's Bistro and Famous Bagels, we often get asked, "What is the best bagel?"  Our though is that everybody is unique and has their own preferences and tastes when it comes to the type of bagel they crave when waking in the morning.  So we put together a list of personality types that match up to some of our most popular bagels.  Take a look to see what your bagel says about you.

Pizza Bagel

Pizza Bagel

(cheese, veggie, pepperoni or pepperoni-jalapeño)
You most likely have Dominos listed on your emergency contacts and you would never consider becoming friends with someone who used a fork and knife to eat a slice of that glorious pie. You have dated more pizza delivery employees than the average person. (What? You can’t help but be attracted to someone who always brings you joy.)

Tomatoes and Cream Bagel

Tomatoes and Cream

(sun-dried tomato with regular cream cheese bagel)
You love the taste of a good, fresh tomato from your all-organic garden and enjoy chatting about composting in small spaces with your garden club. You wouldn’t describe yourself as a health nut, but you do enjoy pressuring your friends to hike and do two-hour hot yoga sessions with you on the weekends.

Veggie B-Eggl Bagel

Veggie B-Eggl

(two scrambled eggs, onion, bell pepper, mushrooms, tomato and fresh spinach)
You wouldn’t call yourself an animal hoarder, but let’s just say your landlord doesn’t know exactly how many dogs you’re fostering in your house right now. Your bank account regularly reflects the following purchases: donations to the ASPCA, PetSmart, and that gluten-free dog bakery in your neighborhood.

Protien Bagel

Protein B-Eggl

(two scrambled eggs, cheddar and cream cheese with your choice of ham, sausage, chicken breast, corned beef or turkey breast)
You are what some people may call a gym rat (more like gym beast, am I right?). Though bagels may not get you the gains that protein powder can, sometimes it’s nice to have something to sink your teeth into.

The Brooklyn Bagel

The Brooklyn

(bagel with cream cheese)
You like what you like and you won’t apologize for it. You have your city’s public transportation schedule memorized and you always know the best routes when the main thoroughfare is clogged. Precision is in your blood and while you don’t mind being adventurous with food every once in awhile, you often go for the same things—because who has the time for bad food?

The Montecito Bagel

The Montecito

(bagel with cream cheese, tomato, red onion, cambridge lox and a pickle or capers)
You may not be a professional chef, but your friends certainly hang around your house like you are. A true foodie, you always pride yourself on ordering the very best that a restaurant has to offer and then obsess over how to recreate the dish at home. You may or may not have a framed and autographed photograph of Anthony Bourdain hanging up in your kitchen.

The Jelly Bowl

The Jelly Bowl

(bagel with peanut butter and jam)
Your friends make fun of you for having a limited palette, but you can’t help it. You like what you like. To you there’s not much better than a pb&j. But hey—you tell them—at least you’re being adventurous and exploring new bread options.

Cinna Nut

The Cinna Nut

(cinnamon bagel with cinnamon-walnut-raisin cream cheese)
You wouldn’t say you’re obsessed with dessert, but you do have a bunch of Cake Boss episodes stored on your DVR for a rainy day. To you, life isn’t complete without something to savor at the end of the meal. You’re often the first one in line for office birthday cake.